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Tools Used in Woodworking and Woodcrafting

Woodworking or woodcrafting can be a labor of love, but at times it can be just that: a labor. It involves activities such as cutting, drilling, carving, fitting, nailing, screwing, gluing, sanding, staining, finishing, etcetera. But a lot of the labor can be reduced (or at least enjoyed more) by using the right tools for […] Read more

Saws Used in Woodworking and Woodcrafting

As discussed in a previous post, there a times to use hand tools, and times to use power tools. I intend to go more in depth into each of the individual tools mentioned below in future posts, but let me start with a general overview of the many types of saws that exist and some […] Read more

More Tools Used in Woodworking / Woodcrafting

Whether you just want to make some furniture for your own house, or you want to start your own wood products factory, then there are some tools and equipment that will make the process faster, easier, more fun, and produce a better result. In previous articles I’ve discussed both hand tools and power tools for woodworking projects, and Read more

Woodworking Jigs

The quality result of any woodworking or woodcrafting project is entirely dependent upon the precision and skill utilized in executing that project. The slightest error in measuring, cutting, or shaping a piece may ruin the finished product, especially if there are several pieces that are supposed to be identical, but aren’t. Woodworking Read more
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