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Woodworking Project Ideas

If you’re a homeowner who’s about to embark on a home improvement project, looking to redecorate, or would like to add or replace furniture, but you’re finding it difficult to choose the specific products or materials, then hopefully this post will help spark some creativity. There are a variety of popular woodworking projects Read more

Woodworking as a Business

Ok, so, you love woodworking / woodcrafting, right? You wouldn’t be on this site otherwise. The question is, are you one of the lucky few who get to do what you love for a living? Would you like to be? What if you could turn your passion into profit? What if you could either augment […] Read more

Woodworking Projects

You’ll always be more pleased with the results of any woodworking project if you start with proper planning. Below we’ll discuss some of the parts involved with that planning, such as (of course) deciding what exactly you’re trying to accomplish, finding or developing a good set of plans and/or patterns, determining what Read more
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