Accurate Measuring Tips For Quality Woodworking

Striving For Perfection
The professional woodworker and the novice alike stand to achieve the best project results by simply getting the measuring right every time. Consider these simple tips and tricks of the trade as a way to experience higher quality finished results. From building cabinets to sizing drywall or making children’s toys, detailed and accurate measurements are essential. Make no mistake about it; carpentry requires accuracy. Having the right kind of measuring tools is at the very core of measuring for professional as well as amateur projects.

The Tape Measure
Selecting the most appropriate size tape measure is important. Go with a tape measure that is a good fit for the job at hand as well as the size of your hand. Remember that accuracy will likely be degraded when using the wrong type of tape measure. For example, a 25-foot tape is not the best choice for measuring a few inches on a small woodworking project.

Good Inside Measurements Are Essential
Choose a folding rule for getting the most accurate inside measurements. This is a good woodworking technique that will result in better accuracy. Select a folding style rule with a brass extension for the best results. Mark the wood directly from the metrics on the rule for the best results. Tool selection is an important factor that should never be overlooked.

Measurement Transfer
The best way to transfer measurements from a tape measure is to simply press down upon the edge of the metal tape to allow the measurement marks to come into contact with the wood. This woodworking tip combined with a sharp pencil will produce the best results. Drawing two lines outward from the tape measure mark to create a “V” shape is the standard procedure.

More On Effective Markings
The accuracy of any measurement in quality woodworking is only as good as the marks made and the writing instrument used. For example, a mechanical pencil is a great choice for creating precision woodworking marks. Careful and deliberate markings will always improve accuracy. These woodworking tricks and techniques are a great way to get the most out of your next woodworking project.

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